Our imports as Strengths

   Sales Network

Turkey Our company caters to all wholesalers and glassware group in general is growing the sales volume each year.

   Our Product

Accessories, Bathroom and Kitchen Appliances our company that hosts many product groups in the body increases its product range with new products every day.

   Import Quality

The company conducts business partner relationship with many companies in the world have been incorporated innovative products and offers you the service of our customers.

   Staff Quality

Our experienced and friendly staff to make the right products for sale are among the principles of our company.

Burak ithalat

Who is Burak ithalat ?

kitchen in 2012 bringing a different perspective to the tools, you and your kitchen color We said hello to the sector in order to fold. Isto our activity in the sector hello We continue were at.

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Burah ithalat

Top Clean


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